PlayStation Betting

The reality of Playstation Betting has come through, and now gamers who have a Playstation can wager on the outcome of their games. By using a tournament style format, you will be able to square off with players from all over the world and compete against them in your favorite games for real cash. Since you will not even be competing with the house, like in a casino, you will instead be battling only with your fellow gamers, keeping these games completely legitimate. We have looked for the different sites that support this form of gambling, all in attempts to keep you informed, safe, and ready to play.

The basic premise of these events is that you will pair yourself up with one or more other players in order to compete against one another. You will play the games as normal, with the only exception that there is money on the line. The pairings will put you in what is essentially a tournament. The cash prize comes from the number of participants involved. Each participant will put up an equal stake, and the winner or winners of the event will take their piece of the prize pool. Keep in mind that, like a poker tournament, a small fee is collected off of each tournament.

Starting Out With Playstation Betting

The way the outcomes are verified is simple - you and your opponent will have to report the outcomes of your event after any match up. For a smooth experience, both players will want to report the same exact scores. Due to the fact that these results are based on the honor system, you may want to take a picture or record the event on some sort of video recording platform. If two people do not agree with the results of an event, then an investigation will be launched and this proof could very well put your winnings in your pocket. Also note that if you do try to steal from the winner, there will be severe fines in the event that you falsely dispute a claim.

Consoles Allowing Playstation Betting

When getting into Playstation Betting you will see that Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 alike are covered by this form of gambling. Due to both having an extensive list of games available for use on the Internet, you will be able to find a wide genre of games to be played. No matter what your tastes may be in terms of what games you play, you will find something that suits your needs. Sports games are the most common form of game to be played through Playstation betting, followed by shooting games. There are also a variety of racing games and fighting games available. Finally, miscellaneous games can be played through betting on Playstation games.

One of the sites that we have found in our pursuits, a site that offer all forms of Playstation betting, is that of GamerSaloon. GamerSaloon has become one of the earliest sites offering this form of gambling, and as such their quality is imperceptibly superior to any other imitator. The inimitable GamerSaloon hosts tournaments on both the Playstation 2 and the Playstation 3, so regardless of which system you have, you will be able to take these games by the horns.

Top Site For PlayStation Betting

GamerSaloon covers a wide variety of games across many genres. The most common games found through GamerSaloon are the sports games. Football, baseball, soccer, hockey, fighting, and racing games are all included on GamerSaloon. Even Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are included. Shooting games are also on the table. Battlefield, Call of Duty, and many more are available through GamerSaloon. Nearly any game that can be played online with a score tally can be found through GamerSaloon.

Funding your account through GamerSaloon is one of the most important facets of Playstation betting. You will have to move some money into the gaming account in order to begin. You will be able to load your account with credit cards and debit cards, using any of the major brand names. Discover Card, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express can all be used to load your GamerSaloon account. Furthermore, you can use PayPal to fund your account. Upon making a deposit, regardless of your method, you will receive a free $5 on top of your initial deposit. Withdrawal methods include using PayPal once again or having a check drafted to your name.

GamerSaloon has some of the most secure measures to keep your Playstation Betting experience completely safe. Not only do they have an honor system that carries a reputation tracker, but they also have fines and other methods of making sure that you do not have to contend with people who would even consider cheating or lying about the results of a match up. GamerSaloon has put all of these methods in place to make sure that there is no chance of their players being ripped off or otherwise harmed by an unscrupulous gamer involved in the Playstation Betting.

If you ever have any issues through GamerSaloon you will see that their customer service department can cover any issues you may have. They are open by live char or telephone throughout parts of the day, while their e-mail server is open all day. No matter what issue you have, be it of a dispute claim or of a problem involved with the way anything within their gaming center works, the customer service team at hand will help you keep your Playstation Betting completely safe, secure, and operating smoothly.

PlayStation Betting FAQ

What is the legal age for Playstation Betting?

In most jurisdictions you just have to be 18 years of age or older to participate in these games.

Is Playstation Betting legal?

Depending on where you live, this will vary. For the most part, however, betting on Playstation is legal, even in the United States.

Is Betting on Playstation Safe?

If it was not safe than we would not show you where to find this form of betting.

Where are the sites offering Playstation Betting operating from?

For the most part, any website offering Playstation Betting can be found in the United States.

Are there any extra perks for joining these sites?

Some of these Playstation Betting Sites will offer you extra bonuses throughout your career.